About Me

Hello, my name is Guy Carter-Richardson. I am interested in several topics including cyber security, experimenting with a variety of software and hardware platforms and understanding their application to a variety of fields within Physics.

I completed my initial University studies completing an MPhys in Physics, at Swansea University, where my thesis was titled ‘String Theory, Holography and Confinement in Quantum Chromodynamics’. This project helped to develop an understanding of String Theory, the Holographic Principle, Quantum Chromodynamics and their application when modelling strongly interacting particles. Overall this project used several multidimensional mathematical models to produce scaling factors, reflecting the interactions between these aforementioned particles. The manner with which these interactions scaled was subsequently compared to experimental observation, with an aim of iterating closer to nature.

Having completed initial studies, I went on to attend the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK, in January 2018 where I completed the Regular Commissioning Course and qualified to become and Officer in the British Army. Commissioning into the Royal Corps of Signals, I completed my phase two training before posting into a variety of Field and Training Units. Highlights of my time spent in the British Army include deploying on a variety of international exercises and working around the world. These have served to develop both soft and hard skillets and set the foundations for an interest in cyber security, hardware and software.

I am currently on track to leave the regular service in August 2024 where I am looking to return to academia and begin a PhD that will combine both theory and experimental subject areas.

I spent my childhood in rural Suffolk and, as such, remain a country person. I enjoy running, cycling, climbing and swimming.